Saturday, February 20, 2010

Charlie: 18 mos.

My baby is already 18 mos. Sometimes it seems as if we were bringing him home just yesterday and then, at times, I catch myself pondering on his baby months and they seem so far gone. We have fallen victim to time and it has run its course on our lives. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our offspring has sprung! He's so smart that he catches me by surprise often. Of course he's running around and climbing onto everything his little feet and toes will allow. His mouth has begun to release itself upon us and he has this beautiful language that spills forth often. In words we understand, he says: Momma, Dadda, puppy, light, hot, back and bye bye. This will change soon as he is ever practicing, filling our home with the most joyful noise! Just today he sat in my lap and was held captive by a book I read to him. We explored the world of animal noises together and I had to read it three times before he was satisfied. He loves making animal noises and has mastered a kitty, dog, cow, frog and is cultivating a host of others. He is learning sign language and can tell us when he wants water, is hungry, wants more and is finished. He's also really good at shrugging his shoulders when he can't find something. His blanket is his best friend and a staple. Little did I know that $5.00 holiday purchase at Walmart would amount to such importance! He's had three earaches, a bout with asthma and a flu like virus since his birth. His eating fluctuates, but he's a sucker for sweets and ANYTHING chocolate! He loves playing outside and taking baths. We are so blessed to be his parents. I pray over him every night after he is asleep. I pray for a peaceful, full nights rest, sweet dreams, angels of protection over him and that he will grow into a man ofter God's own heart. I love this child of mine!


LeAnna said...

Absolutely ADORABLE pictures! Love the background you picked, and the rocking chair is a great prop! I'm tellin' ya, get that 50mm lens, you'll fall in love. ;)

maggs said...

o i just love these! give ur self a pat on the back! they look great! the back drops were such a wonderful idea! love ya and miss u