Friday, November 20, 2009

Long Live Hallmark!

Used to be my favorite kind of ornaments. They are great at filling space.

This one is Santa's Sweet Ride, displaying my husband's love for aviation.

This one keeps a watch on the tree for little peepers! It gives verbal warnings like "Step away from the tree, and No peeking" when one is too close to the tree or presents!

This celebrates our 1st Christmas as a married couple.

This one brings back the memory of Seth and I in the theater watching this movie. I was 8 months pregnant and we had to leave early because I thought I was going into labor!

Last, but not least, is Elvis. Yes Elvis. He sings to me with only the press of a button.

I have been a fan of Hallmark for many years. I LOVE shopping there. I must confess that I have not been much into their ornaments. I delighted in finding gift after gift after gift, but I passed by the ornament section. I never read through the wish book and kept all the ornaments I received in their box. Then, last year happened. I had my first child. We received a series of Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments and our 1st Our 1st Christmas Together ornament. Tucked in my mind was the thought of needing to get these ornaments, but I never purchased one. All of them were gifts! As I was decorating our tree, I carefully unpacked each ornament from its box and hung it on our tree. I found myself so excited to see what the next ornament was going to be! I couldn't wait to find the perfect spot on the tree for it to hang. Each one brought a smile to my face and graced my mind with a sweet memory. I LOVE these ornaments. I finally get what the fuss is all about. The more tranditional ornaments that I am usually attracted to, had no meaning attached to them. I hung them too, just as a matter of decorating. But when I broke out the Hallmark ornaments, my tree came to life! Instead of just being pretty, it's happy too. It's full of little treasures marking their way through my life. I am blessed!


sissie said...

What a sweet story about your Hallmark ornaments. You will cherish them for many years to come and hopefully, one day, pass them along to your son.

Debbie said...

Great story and I'm glad Aunt Melissa has rubbed off on you because ALL of her ornaments will mean even more to you some day!

LeAnna said...

Awww, how sweet! I love the Wall-E ornament, how cute! My Grandma buys us Christmas ornaments every year and gives them to us at Thanksgiving, it's become quite a neat tradition. I have to say, seeing your pics makes me kinda anxious to put up the tree- even though I've been dreading it. How do you keep your little guy from messing with it?

Jennifer said...

Love your ornaments, especially Wall-E and Elvis! :)I'm with LeAnna, how do you keep the little mister out? I'm looking forward to putting up our tree....but I have a feeling I may go nuts by Christmas gets here. ;)

Kathryn said...

"Congratulations. We are so happy for you and your husband. What an awesome journey awaits yall! Sorry about all the run around. So frustrating!! Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing from now on. Oh're pregnant! least there's a positive to all the sickness, pains, strains and weight gain. Seriously-I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!"

haha thanks so much for your comment and sorry it has been so long to getting back to you! loved your post about the ornaments, how true! :)