Thursday, November 12, 2009

Decisionally Challenged

Being ever faithful to the SSS, here is my weekly post!
I had so much fun shopping for my SSS exchange partner last week. I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas! I love the decorations, the music, the smells, the wrapping, the food, time with family, etc. What I love more about Christmas than all of these things mentioned is that it reminds me of my first love: Jesus Christ. (I do not believe in being politically correct so turn your eyes if you're afraid of being offended.) It seems that society is taking a heavy shift to a "do whatever feels good" mode. Christmas is a feel good time of year. People are quick to embrace whatever makes them feel accepted. In doing so, we often deny the truth. The truth is. It just is. It doesn't matter what the world says: the truth is. It will prevail. People will learn one day that there is God, there is Jesus, there is Heaven and there is Hell. It is my fear that they will learn when it is too late. Christmas is a season of love. It represents the birth of true love: Jesus Christ. Satan is very clever to fill our lives with distractions. All the celebrations of Christmas can take away from its true meaning: the birth of Jesus. Am I close-minded to those who don't share my beliefs? Do I turn my back on someone who doesn't think the same way I do? No, I just know that they will discover the truth one day. I believe that I can have friendships with people who don't share my beliefs, and I do. We don't have to like every single thing about each other to like one another. We appreciate specific qualities the other possesses. Judgment belongs to God, not me. It is my responsibility to share the truth, but it isn't my responsibility to make others believe it. That is their choice. God is a God of love and I am called to love others. I may look at sin in my life and hate it, the sin, not me. Then I exchange the sin for the truth and remain in fellowship with God. I can still love the person, but not the sin. This is the heart and soul of who I am.


Jennifer said...

A big hearty Amen!!!!

Brady Blog said...

I love Christmas,too. Miss you!

Tiffany said...

Great post, so true! God is great in so many ways!!! Stopping by from SSS!!!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

So true dear friend and well put!
Love Collette xxx

Penelope said...

PC about Christmas? It's a religious holiday, lol, how can you be pc about a religious holiday *wink*.

I am having my son soon, and I plan to seriously de-emphasize the commercial, gifts, Santa Clause aspect of it...I'm not even sure it will be part of it. I'd like to focus on church, being with family, learning about Jesus and what his birth meant to the world, etc.

You don't need gifts and Santa to make Christmas beautiful, the warmth, the story of Christmas, the hymns, the beauty of G-d's gift etc beats out any commercial aspect of it.

Nishant said...

Great post, so true! God is great in so many ways!! Work from home India