Friday, November 6, 2009

Charlie's 1st Trick or Treat!

Halloween was so much fun! We decided to take Charlie to a few houses before settling in to greet our own Trick or Treators! On our list of places to stop was The Market. Quincy was there with a BIG bowl of candy for all the Trick or Treators. Clay, Quincy's son, has taught Charlie to shake his fist at him and say, "Why I Otta." So, every time we go to the grocery store and Charlie sees Clay, he shakes his fist at him. Sometimes, he shakes his fist the whole time we're in the store. It's so cute. We had a blast Trick or Treating with Charlie!


Debbie said...

What sweet pics! Looks like Charlie had a great Halloween! The "Why I Outta" thing is just too funny!

Jill said...

Adorable pics! Charlie is precious.