Friday, March 6, 2009

My First Newspaper Column!

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

It's Me, Katy

I held my phone to my ear waiting for him to answer. “Hello.” “Is this Alan McCloy?” I asked. “What's left of him!” He replied. “Hey Alan. It's me, Katy.” That was the beginning of the end of my life in AL.

We hadn't been on the road for 30 minutes when my phone rang. “It just hit me.” My mom said sobbing. “I can't believe you're not going to be here anymore.” Her tears echoed in our conversation. I was finally leaving Montgomery, AL. I quit my job, put my house on the market and left. I hauled my horses in one pickup and trailer and my mom and aunt hauled my worldly possessions in another. My small convoy and I were moving out west! We arrived in Morse, TX at the home of Alan and Janice McCloy. “Mom, Aunt Melissa, I will be fine.” My words didn't bring the reassurance I was hoping for. “We wouldn't feel so bad about leaving you if you weren't out in the middle of nowhere!” They said crying again. Poor things, they didn't quit crying until they made it to Borger.

I had an interview at Boy's Ranch and decided to detour through Vega. As I traveled along 385, I was in awe of its beauty. I found it easy to reflect on my decision to move. I couldn't help to feel saddened about all the uncertainty that lay ahead of me. I had no roots now, no place to call my home. Rodeo season was over and I was unemployed. I had no idea where I would go next. Then, I saw the water tower! My stomach swelled with butterflies. I couldn't believe that I was finally in its midst. My mind drifted back to watching Popularity Contest. I remembered giving stipulations on a date, “You have to have me home by 8:00 so I can watch my program.” I didn't miss an episode and then I would watch the all day marathons as well! I desperately wanted to live in a place like Vega, TX. I drove up and down each street looking for familiar homes and landmarks from the show. I called my dad and told of my adventure that day. “Did you see Clay?” He asked. “No.” I told of all the landmarks I saw, but they held no excitement for him. Being a working cowboy himself, he was a fan of Clay.

God was good to me. He provided a place for me, my dog and my horses to live until I found a job in Amarillo, 6 months later. I had no plan B and, at times, thought I was crazy for leaving all the security I had. Each time my pickup headed west on I 40, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I new Vega was where I needed to be. With the Lord's guidance, I made it my home in May, eleven months after I left AL. Two years later, I would change my last name and have a son. Yes, God was good to me!

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