Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Every now and then, my husband and I will splurge and eat at the Hickory Inn. We look forward to these evenings. During previous jobs when I would have a moment of being so stressed, I longed to be a waitress in a small café. I day dreamt of knowing every costumers name and them knowing mine as well. We would chat about the happenings in our lives. I would stand with my apron on, my hair pulled back and pad and pen in my hand. I would wave my pen around as I shared in the conversation. After taking their order, I would smile and get back to work. The bells would ring on the door as another customer walked in. Everyone would take a brief moment to pause and see who their next friend was to arrive. Then, the conversations would resume.
During our recent outing, I took a moment to smile to myself. As my family and I walked through the door of the Hickory Inn, everyone took a brief moment to pause and see who we were. We greeted each other with a smile. We sat at a large table and soon two ladies joined us. My heart was warmed with their company. Soon others would sit near us and we would all join in each other’s conversations. We took turns chatting about the happenings in our lives. Sound familiar?
During our meal, I realized I was partaking in another Vega treasure. I was in the comfort of people who cared about my life. They took turns adoring our son, sharing their plans for the weekend, and listening to ours as well. Our Creator designed us to enjoy fellowship with others. After all, who doesn’t want to be where everybody knows your name?


maggs said...

Wow great discription! That is exactually the way Vega is! O SO WELCOMING! I do miss it! I wish every town was as loving and caring as Vega!!! The world would be a much better place if so!

dstack said...

What a great article! Way to go Katy! Maggie is right on - too bad EVERY town isn't like Vega!