Friday, March 27, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

Let’s Go For A Walk”

I have decided that the weather likes to tease us. I spent the first month of my life in TX in a basement every time a strong wind came through. I was convinced a tornado was coming. I lost many nights of sleep listening to the wind blow wondering if my house was going to collapse under its intense pressure. I was also amazed at how quickly the weather changes here. I have learned that when a day presents itself to us without its great friend, the wind, to take advantage of it. Not too long ago, we enjoyed quite the streak of nice days.

My husband made it home after a long day of work. I met him at the door with our son and a big smile on my face. “Let’s go for a walk!” I suggested enthusiastically. He agreed. I intended on our walk lasting no longer than 30 minutes. As we hit the streets of Vega, I soaked in the safety of this town. I observed a well mannered boy walking alone to church. He walked along with us until he reached his destination. Next, we visited a family working in the yard. The dog was running free, playing with a neighbor dog. Children were playing, nurtured by the love of their grandparents. We took time to enjoy each others company. Soon, a SUV coming slowed to take a good look at our son. Then, we visited a house that was being constructed and delighted in receiving a tour. We arrived home 2 hours later.

During the course of our outing, I thanked God for placing me in such a wonderful town. Our streets are full of life. They are a safe place for our children to play. They are a link to each others lives. They are filled with those of us who often decide to go for a walk.


dstack said...

Sounds like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting! I've walked those streets and it's true, Vega is alive and wonderful!

maggs said...

o boy i remember our walk...lets c u were very prego and i was very and it was SUPER windy and you got the wild idea to go walking! All the way to Seth's!!!! OMG OMG! That was shure an adventure!!!