Thursday, February 5, 2009

We got SICK :>(

Hello everyone! I am still unable to post any pictures. Charlie and Mommy have been very sick. The morning of Grandmommie's funeral, I awoke to a sick Charlie. We rushed to take him to Pri Med and make it to the funeral in time (10:00). Mommy was able to give Charlie a steam bath and start his antibiotics. Aunt Melissa's very good friend, Beverly, took care of Charlie while Mommy made it to the church at 10:30. She was so sweet and held him as he slept the whole time. That afternoon, Susu called on a doctor friend of hers and he saw Charlie again and Mommy too. After knowing that Charlie was taken care of, Mommy crashed and did not get out bed for the next two days. Today, we are much better. Charlie sounds pitiful as his congestion is breaking up. It has been the saddest thing hearing him cough. The doctor said that it could have been caused by the pressure on the plane, as Charlie slept through both flights and did not relieve any of the pressure. I was afraid to wake him, but I know better now! He got another steam bath this morning and he and Mommy continue on their antibiotics. Please continue to pray speedy recoveries for both of us! Daddy, we miss you terribly and have a case of homesickness too. Don't worry, as you know, we are getting plenty of lovin' here!

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Brady Blog said...

Sorry to hear you are sick-get well soon!