Friday, February 27, 2009

It Had To Be You!

This was my present to Seth for Valentine's Day. I will tell you a funny story. I went to Hallmark early in the week to buy Seth's present. I found it very difficult to find a Valentine for him. After searching the whole store, I found a precious card that records and then plays a song. I also found another Valentine. All in all, this took me about an hour. I went to purchase my goods that I couldn't wait to give him and then realized that I did not have my wallet with me! I only work M-W. So, I did not go back into town for the rest of the week. I called Seth and told him that he wouldn't be getting a Valentine from me until the following week. That did not bother him at all. He said that he just wanted a hug and to hear me say "I love you." I went to Hallmark on that Monday and they had already put away their Valentine cards! I was so disappointed! Instead, I came home with this frame that hangs on a wall in our bedroom. I love this picture of us.

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dstack said...

Yall are just two peas in a pod! Awsome!