Friday, February 20, 2009

New naps!

I have been faithfully following Baby Wise, at the suggestion of a respected friend of mine, since Charlie's birth. I was drawn by the fact that both of her children were sleeping through the night by 7 weeks. Charlie has been a "by the book" baby with the exception of nap time. He has never slept like the book said he should, except for night time. What a blessing there! This week, however, he has been taking a short morning nap and a looong afternoon nap! He continues to take a short evening nap too. I love the long afternoon nap. I put him down at 1:30 and he has been sleeping till 4:00. I can get a lot done during that time. He gets cranky again around 7:00 and will sleep for an hour. He's a lot like his Mommy with getting his sleep. He has to have it! So, here's a run down of our day: 7:30-Charlie wakes up and begins talking to himself. Mommy finds a happy baby waiting for attention and to be fed. 8:00-Charlie has breakfast. 9:00-Charlie takes his morning nap. 10:00-Charlie wakes up (happy). 12:00-Charlie has lunch. 1:30-Charlie takes his afternoon nap. 4:00-Charlie gets fed. 5:00-Daddy comes home and all is good with the world! Charlie has Daddy time until 7:00-Charlie takes his evening nap. 8:00-Charlie has supper. 10:00-Charlie eats again and then goes to bed. All the gaps are filled with lovin'! They are filled by the swing, the bouncer, the tummy time mat, the jumparoo, or his favorite-being tickled, kissed on or held and carried around. I love these days!

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