Sunday, February 1, 2009

Charlie's First Baby Food

I decided to give Charlie his first baby food last night while we were here in AL so my family could see a first. Mommy bought Sweet Potatoe baby food, as I heard it was a favorite. We put Charlie at Aunt Melissa's table. Grandma was holding him and Aunt Melissa was videoing. Guess what? He loved it! He gobbled about 1/3 of the bottle down after taking a liquid feeding too. Of course we got it all over his cheeks, chin and his little nose! Somehow, we even managed to get some up his nose! We all fussed over him like he was the only one that had ever eaten baby food :+} Thank you Daddy for sacrificing a first. We love you and miss you. I will post video and pictures when I am around a computer that has a deal to accept my card. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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