Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 4 Months!

Charlie will be 4 months on December 11th. We will be on our way to Alabama, so I will not be able to post on that date.
Charlie continues to bring so much joy to our lives. He is growing so much. At four months he has learned to scream! He babbles some, but has recently grown very fond of screeching. We are in awe of anything new he does. He is learning to reach for things. Just today he reached up and touched my chin. It was a very sweet moment. He is drooling a lot. He loves to keep his hands in his mouth. He also likes to have cloth from his outfits or his burp cloth in his mouth. We tested a cool teething ring last night and he really took to it. He is not yet able to grasp and control objects. He can grasp objects, but it is non purposeful. He has learned to giggle and we are so excited about that. We just laugh at him like we are kids ourselves. Charlie loves to interact with us. He likes to sit on our laps like he is a big boy. He is now standing (with a little help from Mommy and Daddy) and he loves to do this. He has learned to move his tongue and is very good at that. He has rolled over twice lately, from his tummy to his back. He likes bath time and is learning how to play in the water. He kicks his feet while in the tub and is learning to float, with Daddy's help. He remains a happy baby and the center of our world. We look forward to watching him grow and nurturing him along the way. Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an awesome gift!

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Brady Blog said...

too cute! Happy Early 4 Months, Charlie! I loved the updates and they get more and more fun! Enjoy your trip to AL.