Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charlie's First Snow!

Burr! It's 25 degrees here today and it is SNOWING! It's blowing and snowing. Here is Charlie in his first outfit to brave the snow in. I also had him wrapped tight in a fuzzy fleece blanket. I had the dogs inside with me and was going to let them back in the yard when I took Charlie out to the car. My well disciplined Concho decided to bail out the front door when I headed out with Charlie. Not only did he bail out the door, but he jumped in the car and plopped right next to Charlie. This is HIGHLY unusual for Concho. He ALWAYS rides in the back. (I have a SUV) I absolutely could not get him to get in the back. He hunkered down right next to Charlie and would not move. So, he rode with us to the Nanny's. Don't worry Maggie, I let Elvis go too :)

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