Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie's First Santa Visit!

While we were at the Bass Pro Shop, we visited Santa! Charlie did very well for his first Santa sighting. Daddy did well waiting in line too!

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maggs said...

hey Sisi! I hope the trip home went well, I miss yall so MUCH already! It was so great to see yall! We didnt get to spend near enough time together! Bama hasnt changed a bit but it shure isnt the same without you and me there :) lol Charlie was such a joy to be around, I have showed him off to all my family and friends! Im meeting Dad and Susu at Trisha's this Saterday so I will be shure to take plenty of pics of Emily and post em so yall can see her. Well talk to ya soon! LOVE YA MILLIONS :D BUG