Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent Calendar!!!

Every year Aunt Melissa puts together this advent calendar for me. Each square turns around after it is opened and creates a scene. I just love it! We've talked about stopping this tradition; first it was when I turned 21, then it was when I got married, then it was when I had children of my own. I am SO glad she did not listen to me. This year is especially exciting because Seth and Charlie are included. Not only is there a little goodie in each square, but she also packs a present for each day-GOOD presents! So, Seth, Charlie and I get a present every day until Christmas!!! Charlie and I are leaving on the 11th to go to AL. Seth will join us on the 2oth. So, this BIG box is loaded full of presents just until the 11th! To make things extra fun, Aunt Melissa packs the box with Christmas confetti and our favorite chocolates! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TRADITION :>)

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