Saturday, June 19, 2010

Watching the storms roll in.

Picking up rocks!

See his little slobbers from studying so hard?

He loved to say, "Boom!" every time it thundered!

Looking everywhere for little rocks he could throw off the porch!

And there they go!

So into the weather!

Plucking my cute little flowers...

And throwing the petals off the porch! Do you see the little petal flying away?

My newest addition to the front flower bed.

One of my planters.

Jasmine, with its heavenly aroma, is planted in the center, but is slow taking off this year.

So sweet!

Look at those little feet!

Such a big boy.

Elvis lip!!!

Here comes the storm!

All this comotion for just a sprinkle of rain!

Right here in this chair was his favorite place to be!

Charlie loves to be outside. He and Daddy are storm chasers at heart. They love to sit on the front porch and watch the storms roll in. Daddy wasn't here this time :( As sweet and innocent as he looks here, yall should witness the going inside part: NOT PRETTY!!!

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Debbie said...

What great pics! He's such a busy little boy! I'm glad he's taking after his daddy and hope he never looses interest in any of these things. I see so many of our relatives in that precious little angelic face.