Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love it when I FINALLY figure IT out!

I called on help from another blogger out there. You see this watermark here? Notice the faded wide strip? Well, I used to want that so bad. With a helpful hint and that ah ha moment, I figured it out! I knew how to make a watermark, but do you know what was actually the most difficult part for me to learn? What kind of file to save it as!!! Knowing that JPEG does not save in layers, I deligently made watermark after watermark after watermark. When it came time to "stamp" my watermark on that oh so desired faded strip, I could not for the life of me figure out why in the world my watermark was stamping a white background on there! Then it happened. I said to myself, "Self...if jpeg doesn't save in layers, it is going to combine this image. Self...when it combines this image, I lose the transparent layer." I sat back, cracked my nuckles and made rubber on my keyboard designing all kinds of watermarks with transparent backgrounds...only this time...I saved them as Photoshop files!

Sigh...I really do have a brain.


Jax's Mama said...

Love the pics (as usual!) That hair is to die for! :)

Jennifer said...

I need to figure this out...not that my pics are good enough for people to lift. But it just adds more security.