Friday, March 19, 2010

Waiting on Grandma!

Again with the hair! I just can't resist! His head looks extraordinarily big here to me. At this glance, I am glad I had a c-section!

Looking for Grandma!

Scoping out the surroundings.

Checking out the other side.

Is she coming yet?

When Charlie and I arrived at the airport, we discovered Grandma's plane was delayed a bit. I found it wise to wait this out in the car rather than the airport, which was unusually crowded. Me being me, decided to take advantage of the moment and grab some pics! One can never over document one's life!


LeAnna said...

Those curls are just tooooo much, love 'em!

Debbie said...

What precious pics! I can tell your schooling is paying off because you don't take ordinary pictures anymore.