Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is how we roll!

Watching the action.

Too curious to stay put!

Note: we are happy people. The simple things in life make us smile. You know, like having your dogs clean your child's high chair. I mean, I wasn't having to do it, right?

Smiling at his clean up crew!
All in!

Looking for Elvis! Isn't that face precious?

Concho wants some sooo bad!
Still waiting for a bite, or a crumb, or a promising lead of the sorts!

Both of them have their eyes on the last piece!

So cute...they are all checking each other out! See the two noses on the right?
Taking a moment to look at me! Ahhh, I sigh at this face!

Finger licking good!


Debbie said...

Oh what precious pictures! Made me laugh out loud! Thanks - it's a Monday here at work.

Jennifer said...

Hey, that's a good idea!