Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach Trip!!!

Heading out for the 1st time!
Trying not to get any salt water in his eyes!

Getting braver! Look at Daddy's farmers tan! I love a farmers tan!


Getting a good taste of the salt water!
And a better taste!

There's that tongue again!

Heading out with Nana.
Here comes a wave!

Having fun with My Miss!
See those red whelps there on his leg? Those are mesquito bites! He reacts terribly to them.
So precious.

So close!

Now he's got the hang of it!

Look at those little footprints leading up to the shore!
Walking to Daddy!

Reaching his goal!
Heading back to the shore.

Getting a little help from Daddy.

I just love the faces he makes!

Battling the water all by himself!

Oh this balloon ride! We had to ride and ride and ride this thing. Several times with Daddy didn't do the trick so Mommy stepped up to the plate. Several times with Mommy didn't do the trick, so Nana stepped up to the plate. With Daddy, Mommy and Nana riddled with motion sickness we had to call it a night. On our way to the car he saw his balloons again and resumed crying! How can he want to ride one ride so much?
Not such a great pic of Charlie, but I thought the hubby looked very handsome here!
There they go!
He loved it! Maybe a little too much.
Poor thing. Look at that face. The carnie guy did let him stay on to spare his little heart!
Still wanting to ride the balloons.
Finally deciding to let go of his longing for the balloons for a brief moment.
Taking a look at the BIG ferris wheel.
And we're off!
Mommy trying to bring the happy in. He did not like getting off this ride!
He did have fun with Nana on the train!
Ahhhh the pool!
He loved jumping off the steps into the water. By the end of the 2nd day, he was swimming away!

"Hi pole!"
He enjoyed going up and down these steps as well.
Walking with My Miss after the not-so-happy photo shoot.

Still not in a good mood!

We had a BLAST at the beach! Charlie wasn't too sure about the water or the sand. He very much so preferred the pool!

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