Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Time....and the living is easy!

Not at all happy with his decision to run through the sprinklers!

He finally found his way out and to Mommy!

Not having luck finding his way out!
They looked so harmless in the beginning!

Daddy decided to give it a go!

Ooooh, he's getting so big.

Someone else has children too! I have counted 5 little fury heads in here.
Charlie hears them during feeding time and says, "Bir" and points. He loves to stand at the door and watch them.

Efforts of my green thumb haven't failed me yet!

I have two rosebushes that replinish my bud vases regularly.

This was a wonderful weekend for us. We enjoyed time together. We also cut open a watermelon on the back patio. We decided that watermelon is Charlie's new found love!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

Too funny about the sprinklers! Bet he had fun in the end tho. Love the pictures of him. You're getting better and better.