Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blog

After much research and failed attempts, I am resorting to a new blog. I cannot tell you the frustration this has caused me. With the new templates, nothing fits like it used to as far as backgrounds, so I am ever tweeking the thing!!! At any rate, my new blog address is: I have named it Montgomery Memories Too. I could not bare to part with all the memories in this blog, so I opted to continue them. I really should print this whole blog incase something were to happen, now that I know the possiblities of that are prevelant. I do have a post on there. See you around the corner in our new Too space!


Jennifer said...

If you'll go to your edit HTML page, beneath the HTML box there should be option to revert back to classic templates. I did that when I started my new one, because I hated the new templates.

amyk said...

To preserve the memories of his blog, have you thought about the posts published into a book. There are many websites our there that you can use. I have not actually done it, but have thought about it many times. Anyway...just a thought!!!!