Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pratt Cemetery

A nostalgic place.
I heart this fence!
Founder of this town. He was a Yankee! I was surprised to learn that. He founded a rather lovely town.
The reading on his grave.
The oldest marker that was still legible.
A lot of the headstones looked like this.
Confederate Army, don't see that often.
I found it funny that even the days were mentioned.
Till death do us part. Some might find this freeky. I'm a literal girl!
Look at us sporting the air you can wear!!!!!
Before we were to meet a group of my friends, I took my hubby on a tour of Prattville. I love this town. I find it to be extrodinarily charming. I miss living here. If I could, I would relocate this nostalga to where we now live.

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