Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Nana leaves...

In action! Doesn't it look fun?


Pausing to watch Olivia! I love these little hands of his.

That's Nana with a soft a. He sure did come up with his own name for her! The sis and I were visiting about how it was "funny" that Seth's mom's name was Nina and Charlie comes up with Nana for my mom.
It is a ritual of sorts for Charlie to ride Nana's suitcase when she arives. Of course it doesn't stop just when she arives, it continues on as long as the suitcases are visible. Gotta love little boys!


Debbie said...

He's getting SO heavy til Nana's not going to be able to do this for him much longer. :<(

Nichole said...

Hi Katy, I love all of your photos of your little one... he is just the cutest thing!

Also, loved that photo at the end when he paused to watch tv with his little hands behind his back, so precious. This age is so fun. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

I love his little hands behind his back! Q does that too.
I had to go back hubby is so paranoid about creepers. :(

Jlbulldawg said...

Kids do come up with their own names for grandparents. I started out with Miranda calling me Granny to Jackson, but he changed that to Wee on his own. So now I am Wee to all the grandkids.