Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Little Monkey!

Notice the face!

Before we rearranged Charlie's room, I had to fold down the bumper becuase of this very habit of our little one. For some strange reason, I thought I could leave it as is this time around. During nap time yesterday, Charlie spent an hour talking to himself, tickling his toes, rolling around and saying "whooooaaaa" several times. I looked in frequently to check on him. The above is evidence of how I found him! He would strattle the rail and say, "whoooaaaa!" Needless to say, the bumper got folder back down!


Brady Blog said...

love these pics of him entertaining himself during nap. What is that saying behind his bed? Loved ur long responce and sweet comments on my blog-miss u tons!

LeAnna said...

Typical boy! LoL!

Laura Lynn said...

What a cute little one! I just ran into your blog and it's great. I have a Charley Montgomery - she's 13 yrs. old.
I'll be following if you don't mind to see all of your good photos!
LL Montgomery

Jennifer said...

Such a cute monkey!