Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charlie's First Cereal!

We decided to start Charlie on rice cereal tonight. Grandma is here visiting too! We put Charlie in his bouncer and sat him on the table. Mommy carefully mixed the cereal with breast milk. Daddy was standing by with the camera and Grandma was anxiously waiting to see the big response. Charlie saw the spoon approaching and opened his mouth wide. He loved it! He waved his arms in excitement and tried to help Mommy with the spoon. This created quite the mess and made for a good laugh. We finally had to have Grandma's help with holding his arms down. Before long, we were in the swing of things and he ate the whole bowl. We love you Charlie :)

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Brady Blog said...

yes, those arms can get in the way..and the messy stuff turns hardens on you and them. Makes for some fun clean-up..just wait till Table Food. It gets all over the chair and piles up in their seat. Oh, the joys of lil ones! Proud of you, Mr. Charlie!